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My End of Year Message (The Excerpts from an Intagible reality)

December 31, 2010


As the final winds of 2010 waver from one end of the earth to the other and the fresh eastern winds of 2011 approach the nothern hemisphere, it brings excitement to my heart and joy to my spirit that you are alive and have eyes to read this post on my blog or on my […]

Ty’s Top 5 (Five) Viral Videos of 2010

December 30, 2010


TEENAGER ASSAULTS REFEREE IN A BASKETBALL MATCH Although I was appalled by the violent  action of the antagonist in this video, it is still  a Top Video that ranks No 5  on my list because of the massive attention it got, and what young people have learnt about violence in sports in america. It is […]

Tales by NoonLight “Part Four” (The Price of Sacrifice)

December 19, 2010


It was another wet Monday morning and  the traffic was heavy; Victor could see a long queue o f vehicles almost a mile away, he thought to himself “this is unusual, a lorry must have broken down in front or s omething. Victor needed to be at work for 8:30am because he had a meeting […]

Could this be the Cure for HIV – Aids????

December 16, 2010


Could this be the cure for HIV Aids? or should I say “a cure for HIV Aids??” Listen to this true life story; A cancer patient called Timothy Brown, a 44 year old US citizen who was plagued with HIV for more than 10 years, had a blood stem cell transplant in 2007. This was […]

The Untold Tale of Ahemba:Not the Glory but the Story

December 14, 2010


There were many of those lonely nights, when Ahemba would sit alone outside his late mother’s hut, counting the stars and watching them move, he always wondered if mama could talk to him through the stars, he always wondered if he could ever get a chance to see her again. Barely 5 months after his […]

The Men Behind the Curtain

December 11, 2010


The Latest News and Speculations about the Wikileaks on Nigeria which claim that  the Royal Dutch Shell has people in “all the relevant ministries” in the Nigerian government and has access to “everything being done in those ministries,” might be shocking news to the world but I bet for more than 90% of Nigerians, that news […]

me2i get BLOG!!!!!

December 10, 2010


Finally! Ty Beetseh has decided to launch his personal blog and its called  “Me 2 I get Blog” Well……It all started while  I was doing an Msc at the University of Warwick in England.  Paul Roberts, A  Tutor on the Leadership and Excellence Module did not just lay emphasis on the advantages of blogg-ing, but […]