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R.Kelly Backs African “Supergroup” Tipped for global stardom

February 22, 2011


Eight African musical superstars have joined forces, on a mission to share their continent’s music with a global audience. They have formed a pan-African supergroup, called ONE8, which has been tipped as one to watch this year by U.S.-based Billboard magazine — the music industry’s bible on what’s hot and what’s not. The group is […]

Are you saying the words “Take Care” consciously or unconsciously

February 17, 2011


There is a common saying that “Words are weapons” Yes this is true but words are also tools that can be used to construct a smile on someone’s face or mend the bitterness or the pieces of heartbreak together in someone’s heart. Words need to be used with understanding and most times for words to […]

Happy Vals Day!! Be the Love Ambassador

February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines day to Everyone from the Tyough Foundation. It is indeed a wonderful season of LOVE and we hope you are sharing this season joyfully with your loved ones, family and friends. Unfortunately, some do not have the opportunity to share this season with loved ones because they have none. Please lets continue to […]

Introducing Black Gold (Struggle for the Niger Delta) – The Movie

February 10, 2011


  Award winning Director, Jeta Amata has collaborated with thirty year veteran  and award ‘winning film maker Suzanne DeLaurentiis to produce a feature film called “Black Gold: Struggle for the Niger Delta.” This is a powerful story of murder, greed and corruption in the unsettled Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. The film speaks of environmental […]

Tales by Noon-Light Part 5 (The Genesis of a Revelation)

February 3, 2011


A sneak peep from the Future…………. …….She walked into the apartment locking the door behind her as she tried the number again, the tone was coming from the master bedroom, she walked towards the bedroom door and opened it curiously…her hand began to tremble, her heart began to beat faster…. The door slowly opened up, […]