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Let the Royal Couple be, Royalty is not Bondage (Happy Married Life to Willy and Katy)

April 28, 2011


The level of scrutiny the media is giving William and Catherine is just putting the poor couple under immense pressure, I believe that whether they are Royalty or not, the two people are simply human beings who are in Love like me and you (at least so i think) From my personal observation, it is […]

Shun Electoral Violence in the Niger-area (Ukeoma did not need to die)

April 23, 2011


The violence that erupted immediatly after the recently conducted presidential elections in Nigeria was simply an attempt by some miscreants to take advantage of the situation and capitalise on the sentiments of the Buhari/Bakare supporters. It is clear that there were many areas where the PDP was not the most popular party, however no form […]