How a 24 year old paralympic volunteer saved the dreams of Burkina Faso Paralympians

Posted on September 7, 2012


My heart is really gladened by the remarkable story of a 24 year old from essex Liam Conlon who volunteered to meet and greet paralympian visitors in briton but came across some stranded paralympians from burkina faso and did a remarkeable thing that any selfless person should do.


Here’s the Story;

The burkina faso team landed at Heathrow on August 6, it seemed their dream was to be shattered. A payment from their government to cover their lodging and training facilities had failed to materialise, leaving them sitting on the floor of the airport surrounded by their bags, being questioned by police and with nowhere to go.

That’s when a 24-year-old from Essex stepped forward to save the situation. Liam Conlon had gone to volunteer as the official Paralympic meet-and-greet contact for the two cyclists and the three others accompanying them.

And with their planned base in Kent no longer an option, Liam did the only thing he could think of: he took them home with him to Abridge. The three men in the party stayed with him at his parents’ house, while the two women were put up in a nearby convent.

“The very first day one of the team nearly burnt the house down,” Liam told The Guardian. “He put the electric kettle on the hob and turned it on to boil water – and there really has been something along those lines every day.”

Liam – who was the team’s official greeter on the back of voluntary work he did in the country last year – did everything he could to try and help out the athletes, persuading a local school in Brentwood to let them use their facilities.

And while it has sometimes been chaotic, the two cyclists have quickly become famous in the local area with their happy smiles and fresh approach to life.

“They basically cause a storm wherever they go, but they are absolutely loving it,” Liam chuckles, adding that it never occurred to him to do anything other than help them out.


This story is really heart warming and as far as I am concerned , these are the heroes of our generation where greed, corruption, selfishness, cowardice and oppression are the order of the day.


Kudos Liam……!!


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