Tyough Foundation Visits displaced refugees from the Tiv/Fulani Crisis to assess living conditions

Posted on April 4, 2014


The Tyough Foundation recently sent a delegation to visit the Tiv Refugees who have been displaced by Fulani insurgents in the recent crisis in Benue State, Nigeria. These refugees are camping temporarily in various  primary schools located  in Wurukum and north bank  wards of the state. Although this visit was basically for the purposes of assessing their living conditions.  We are preparing a full independent report on the impact of the crisis and will keep the general public updated.

In the meantime, If you have ideas on how we can help support these people , please join our group on facebook. Tyough Foundation (Benue Empowerment Programme)


For those who have made inquiries about opportunities to donate clothes and food items, please be informed that we are currently putting together a logistical framework in that regard and will be across to you shortly. Please visit our facebook page (link above) for updates.

TF Ref



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