Uhuru Kenyatta’s response might have “dug a hole” but was technically spot on: Africa Faces more crucial Challenges than who to sleep with. 

Posted on July 27, 2015


  Over the Weekend in Nairobi , as anticipated  President Obama presented his perspective on Gay Marriage in an interesting and “convincing way”, using the common line. “People should be treated equally irrespective of their race, gender or sexual Orientation” , absolutely, Mr President. But that is not the issue around Africa and no “Africans are not in denial”.
 I think that message would have been more meaningful if he was addressing the US Congress and Law enforcement agencies in America. 

There are many Americans who think they are not been treated equally or fairly by the state in America. Let’s take the most recent case of Sandy Bland for example, video tapes showed a police officer clearly out of control , using excessive force when it was not necessary. Simply because she was from an ethnic minority. 

Statistics show clearly that there are more blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minorities being arrested unlawfully in America than anywhere else in the world because of the colour of their skin and their race. 

These are clear human rights violations , issues and cases of discrimination that America is currently facing and should be addressing them rather than telling other countries that they are intolerant societies  because they have not accepted the practice of homosexuality as part of their way of life. 

Just because there are people “in high places” who are rich and powerful , with extensive global media influence who practice “these things” and aim to legalise their way of life by pushing it to the top of the priority list in America and Europe,  doesn’t mean it is Africa’s priority. Any form of discrimination towards any human being in life should be frowned at, even the mentally unstable should be provided with help and support and not maltreated in any way.  But today, there are more people being killed by Boko Haram, there are more children dying of starvation and malaria, women dying at child birth than people who are looking to fight for a state endorsement to enable them fulfil their erotic desires with whomever they choose without reprove. 

 I kind of agree with Uhuru Kenyatta’s response although I think he dug a hole by saying ” perhaps in the future , after we have dealt with the current issues , we can be open to look at new ones”…..kind of seems like he was technically standing on the fence, but I know that from a diplomatic perspective , perhaps he did not want the focus of attention to shift from the GES (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) to a political debate on Gay marriage .

He made it clear the fact that it is a non issue “at this point in time in Kenya” 

Two points I agree with him on 

1. The culture of Americans is not the culture of the Africans. Whilst the media makes it appear as though some people’s problems in America might be who to sleep with, Africans are more concerned about where to get the next meal, how to become more developed and grow their economy, eliminate poverty etc. Our heirachy of needs are totally different. 

….”is it not a man who has eaten food that will be thinking about who to sleep with?”. 

2. Accepting Gay rights should be not be imposed on people if they don’t want those rights. 

Don’t bully other nations into adopting a law that majority of its citizens don’t agree with.  

There is no country , including America where everybody agrees on everything. It is simply not possible. 

If Marijuana and Heroin , paedophilia or incest becomes legal in America , then do all other countries have to follow the band wagon? irrespective of how appealing the argument might be ,  That should not the case.

Democracy was a concept that Americans and the West aggressively sold to other parts of the world over the past 100 years, however it is arguable that while democracy might have worked for America , other forms of government have also been more effective in other parts of the world like China, Saudi Arabia etc. than democracy would ever be. 

The Fundamental flaw with democracy is that it is based on numbers , rather than objectivity , morals or even common sense. Anything can be legalised or delegalised , so long as it has numbers behind it. The Struggle for a change in Gun Control laws in America is a Testament to this fact. But moving on. 

“There is No “One shoe” that fits all”. If America is so tolerant then they should accept that Africa is different and not ready to take that path. Don’t surreptitiously sell your culture to them because you feel it’s a superior thought process but claim to be more tolerant. 

Accept that Some societies are liberal, while others are conservative. Full stop. There are many things we share but also there are many things we don’t share. Even in the U.S. There are many states that don’t agree with the recent Supreme Court ruling and the presidents point of view.


Africa has more crucial issues and challenges,  getting our women and girls educated is one of them that should be in the fore front of discussions In the area of equal opportunity.  Don’t add your struggle to Africa’s struggles, don’t make  your fight become Africa’s fight. Africa already has a lot to deal with as it currently  stands and we should focus on addressing these. 
Ty Beetseh 

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