Yaay!! Windows 10 Launches today and It’s ‘Free’ – But what happened to ‘9’

Posted on July 29, 2015



Hurray!! Windows 10 is here.

Well guess that’s what many might think, yet another flashy operating system for out PC’s and other Microsoft devices.

About the Windows 10 Operating System

The latest release of Microsoft’s OS is described as “Windows as a Service”, which means they plans to release improvements as they become available, via the internet.

Although news headlines are reporting that this new Windows 10 OS is readily available for download, there are contradicting reports that not everyone will be able to install it on day one because as part of the process, it is carrying out compatibility checks so that PCs most likely to experience serious problems running the software do not get the upgrade until the relevant bugs have been dealt with.

This means people might have to wait for a few weeks before getting this new freebie.


Challenges I See ahead

As a person who is part of the Tech Industry , I am aware of the challenges we are facing with Migrating PC’s and Servers from Windows XP to Windows 7. Most organisations are still trying to adapt to this change and have not even considered Windows 8 , and now we have Windows 10. The stability of Windows 8 is still being investigated, so i can imagine most organisations being risk averse when it comes to upgrading their systems again, at least for now.

2. Microsoft today has several devices and will need to release versions for all of them including their smartphones , the Xbox One games console, “internet of things” kit and, potentially, smartwatches at a later stage. This might prove a challenge , especially as these OS’s are never bug free.


So What Happened to Windows 9

Reading from most tech magazines, the common joke is that its “Windows 10 because seven, eight, [ate] nine.”

But on a serious note,  it appears to be one (or all) of the 3 reasons.

1. That there is the added benefit that it further distances the product from the ill-fated Windows 8

2. Might be trying to catch up in numeric terms with Apple’s rival Mac OS X.

3. The  company’s marketers just think it sounds cooler.

Anyways, it doesn’t really matter why the numerical digit ‘9’ was omitted, All we know is we have a new OS with a pretty GUI (Graphic user interface) and Its FREE.

Ty Beetseh

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